Weekend Wrap-Up

Happy Monday to you friends!! I had thoroughly intended on bringing you an update on some organization I’ve been working, or some more fun Valentine’s day stuff, but, that’s not happening. We have had some busy and exciting times around here lately and as always family takes precedent over work! So, instead, I thought I would fill y’all in on what’s been going on around here!!
This last week my oldest son proposed to his girlfriend of 4 years!! We are so very excited and are looking forward to planning for the big day!! They haven’t set a date yet, and we may be looking at a long engagement, but hey, they’ve waited this long so it’ll be okay. 😉
Aren’t they adorable?? (not biased or anything) Yes, I know this wasn’t the weekend, but we’re still celebrating!
In other news, it’s indoor soccer time! That’s my guy in the goal looking fierce. Seriously though, he is fearless and scares me to death most games with his diving all over the place and into people.
My hubby finally found a little truck for our middle boy that will get his permit soon. It was a good deal, and in great shape. And then…as he was driving to pick him up from school in said truck, there was an electrical fire somewhere in the dash. Ugh. We don’t feel like this is something the seller would have been aware of, so we don’t feel like he’s responsible. It’s just frustrating because we didn’t think there would be anything to fix on it. My thoughts and frustrations got the best of me and even in all the joy, I was feeling down. So…I pulled out my gratitude journal and started listing the good stuff. This helps me get my mind right!! We have so much to be thankful for, and it’s way too easy to get derailed by the littlest things!
I was blessed with more crafting time this weekend. But, I’m pretty sure my family did not appreciate my choice of crafts this time. Ha!! (Coming to the blog soon!)
My boy heads back to school this week to start the spring semester of his junior year!! Doesn’t seem possible at all! The time has flown by since that first day we moved him into his dorm! This means that things will settle back into a more regular routine with both college kiddos back at school. It’s such an ebb and flow this phase of life. Things are always changing.
I’ve got some great things to share with you! See ya soon!!

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