Traditions – Valentine’s Day Style {Family Friday}

I am posting this way later than I wanted to, but again life – errands, sick child, pulling this table together at the last minute.  My hubby and I have never made a big deal about Valentine’s Day. Every year is different.  I mean really though – everyday is Valentine’s Day with my hubby :).  A few years ago though an older mama friend was sharing with me that they would have family Valentine’s dinner at home.  She would pull out the china, set the table real nice, cook a special meal, everyone would dress up and come to dinner at the family table.  I was instantly in love with the idea, for many reasons.  One, is sounded like fun – I never pull out any kind of dishes but everyday ones, and we never get dressed up for dinner.  Two, we never eat out at fancy restaurants as a family – there are six of us and our budget just doesn’t allow.  So, I was thinking in the back of my mommy mind that this would be a great teaching opportunity for manners and such.  You know in case they were ever with someone who cared about those things.  🙂

So, for the past few years we have done it.  I was kind of dragging my feet this year because my hubby has to work tonight.  I was pouting and considering not doing it, but then I just decided to do it on Saturday night.  It’s just a day, right?  So, then I was blog-reading this morning and came across some really cute tables, (herehere and here), and that was all I needed to get me going.  I didn’t have a ton of money, but I knew I wanted to change it up a bit from last year.  So, I decided to challenge myself to come up with a cute Valentine table from the Dollar Tree.  

I went, I saw, I conquered, and I came home with this.

I know it doesn’t look like much, but I knew I already had a few things I was going to use and just needed some fun extra touches.  So now comes the onslaught of pictures!!

First, I simply used my charges as a cutting guide for the wrapping paper – soon to become place mats.

Then, I just started layering.

Okay so honestly, the only things so far that didn’t (and couldn’t have) come from the Dollar Tree are the red chargers.  But, those I purchased at Hobby Lobby years ago and I use them for a lot of things.  The black layer on top of the wrapping paper is simply black construction paper.

Skip ahead a bunch, because I got excited and forgot to take pictures after each addition!!

The ribbon for the napkin “rings”, Chinese take out boxes, and goblets – all Dollar Tree.  The mirror, and the napkins I have also had for years.  🙂

I couldn’t believe my luck when I stumbled upon that polka-dot gold, wire-edged ribbon at Dollar Tree!!  It layered perfectly with my red sheer ribbon I had left-over from my Christmas star.

The centerpiece is finished off with some hurricane vases filled with red and white candles, red basket filler, and more gold polka-dot ribbon.

To finish it off each person got an “I love you” message and some Hershey hugs and kisses in the take-out box.

The tag on the take-out box was made with a stamp and some left-over scrapbook paper, tied on with some red ribbon (also from my stash). 🙂

I had so much fun putting this together!!  And it was less than $10!!  And I know tomorrow night will be lots of fun also!!  I will take some night shots with the candles lit and share those on instagram, so follow along if you want to see!! (@denisegwood)

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  1. Wow, Denise!! That turned out so cute, you did a fabulous job being creative with your budget, I think that's the most fun!! I used that same wrapping paper for Christmas, I couldn't believe when I saw it there, it would be fun for a 4th of July table, too! Hope you have a fun evening with your family! 🙂

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