The Easter Challenge

Blessed Good Friday to you friends! As I sat in church this past Sunday – Palm Sunday. God laid a few words on my heart. Words I knew He wanted me to share. As a writer sometimes that can be a little intimidating. But, I know God is working for good. So, here goes! As you read, I hope you are challenged like I was.
Easter is an interesting holiday for sure. Much like Christmas, there are two sides to the celebration. The cross and the bunny. As a culture we love to make holidays cute, and fun especially for the kids. When our kids were younger we most certainly participated in some of that.
Although we never did the bunny or the baskets full of goodies, we definitely dyed, and hunted eggs, and you know everyone got a snazzy new spring outfit to wear to church on Easter Sunday. But, what God whispered to me as I listened to the pastor share about Christ hanging on the cross, was that there really is nothing cute about Easter at all. Wow, ya, that hit hard. Now, before you get all up in arms, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do any of those cute and fun things with your kiddos. I believe that how you choose to celebrate with your family is your choice. Nor am I saying that you should share every gruesome detail of the cross with your four year old – not a good idea.
Because God was whispering those thoughts to me just as much. You see, the kiddos had just paraded in with their palm branches waving, shouting “Hosanna, hosanna”, and it was just so cute! They even sang a few songs – love! Which is wonderful! But, I think God just didn’t want me, or us to miss the point. An innocent man hung on a cross for me and for you. A sacrifice greater than any other.
And yes, in a couple of days, on Easter Sunday, we will shout “He is risen, He is risen indeed!” Because Christ defeated death and that is worth celebrating!
But, today on Good Friday, I remember the agony of the cross. I remember all the uncute things that had to happen so that we could celebrate the resurrection.
So, my Easter challenge to you is this – as you dye the eggs with your kiddos, as you hide the eggs, as you fill the baskets, as you prepare the meal for the family, as you get dressed in your new Sunday best – take a moment and reflect and the good that God did by sending His Son as the perfect sacrifice for all. After all, it should be me and you on that cross, not Him. But, grace. Grace. Glory to God. Grace.
Now, for your listening pleasure…I’ve shared this song before on Easter, but really it’s my favorite and it tells the story so simply. Happy Easter my friends!! He is risen!!!


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