Hand Lettered Rustic JOY Sign

    Hey there friends!! I’ve been wanting one on these rustic signs for our front porch for a while. In fact, it’s been on my to-do list for quite a few years, but I have never gotten around to it. Until this year!! I’m so excited to add this to our outdoor decorations! It’s not perfect, which is exactly what I wanted!
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    Curb Appeal Stalking

    So I mentioned about a month ago, randomly, that I was a little tired of the front of our house. We are probably at least a year away from really making any changes, but I love planning and scheming. I am not really good at landscaping. I know the look I want, but I have no idea where to begin to get there so hubby and I had some extra time one day so we went curb appeal stalking. Just a reminder of what we are working with first.

    Front of our home

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    Easy Outdoor Planter Boxes and Lighting Fix

    So, a couple of weeks ago while the kids were on Fall Break, hubby and I decided to knock out a project to remedy an issue with the patio redo. (never mind that I had just nose-dived into ORC!)

    Maybe you remember from the original patio reveal that the light poles were leaning. 

    Well, that was because I had just shoved them down in the dirt in the planter. They held up great until the first gust of wind and then after a couple of rain storms, they were leaning like the Tower Of Pisa!

    I decided to create some simple planter boxes that would house my existing pots and provide a sturdier way of securing the poles.

    We used wide fence pickets. for this project, some scrap 2×2 pieces, and couple of regular fence pickets as well.

    We actually had a super nice guy at Home Depot cut these down for us – way faster than us trying to make all those cuts with the circular saw!

    Then, we just built a box. Using the 2×2 pieces for the corners and nailing the picket pieces to those. It looks something like this.

    Putting together the first side. You’ll need two just like this.

    Then attach the two sides to create the third side.

     Then finish it up with the last side.

    Then hubby cut a couple pieces of the regular picket to make cross pieces for the bottom – something for the pot to sit on so it could still drain.

    We tested out the pot in the planter and then we got to work anchoring the light poles.

    We simply used some metal straps (found on the electrical aisle with the pipe and wire) and attached two around the pole – one at the top and one at the bottom. 

    The poles are pretty straight now and I feel like my lovely swags of lights are a little more secure! 

    And, I love the look of these planter boxes which was just a bonus!! All in all these planter boxes cost less than $20 to build all three! Now, that’s a deal! I’ll be back in a couple of days with more to share about our One Room Challenge!

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    Patio Reveal!!

    I am finally ready to reveal our patio and call it complete!! This has definitely been a process that has taken way longer than I would like. It’s finally done and it’s 100+ degrees outside, but hey, fall will be here soon and we will again be able to sit outside without melting. It all started here with some dreaming. Some things came to be and others not so much. The yard still needs some help in the landscaping department – all in good time.

    So, no more waiting, no more teasing – here it is!!
    Lots of pictures coming your way!!

    At day…

    Organizing the pool stuff happened last summer and is still working great! 

    At dusk…

    At night…

    The poles for the lights are not straight, I know. It bugged me for a couple of days, and then, not so much. I’m thinking a fire-pit in front of the sectional might round out that seating area this fall. I cannot even begin to describe how happy the lights make me!!  Really how happy it all makes me. If you remember from this previous post, this corner was currently unused and now with the new and improved sectional it is used daily (and nightly with the addition of the lights). So happy to have a space where our family can gather to enjoy God’s beautiful creation.

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    Patio Sectional Update

    Hey there! We spent a few days last week in Texas visiting my brother-in-law and sis-in-law. It was HOT but we had a great time! Here are a few highlights from Instagram.

    Now that we are back home, I am in full “let’s-finish-things-up-and-get-things-in-order-for-school-to-start” mode. Not that I’m excited for the kids to be gone, but I am looking forward to some order in my life again. This is what happens to my house in the summer.  Anyone relate?? Ya whatever we are living and having fun and the last thing I want to do is pick-up and clean the house constantly. 🙂

    Gotta keep it real sometimes folks. Anywho, about a month ago, I was chatting with a friend. We were chatting about patio furniture. They just moved into a new house and she shared how the sectional they had didn’t really work on their new patio, and she would prefer a table. My eyes widened and I quickly said, “I’ll be happy to take the sectional off your hands”. She said she would send me pictures and a price, and in a day the deal was done. 

    Maybe you remember seeing this spot empty in this post. Really just screaming for comfy seating!I was beyond thrilled. It needed some TLC (chipped paint on legs, a couple a ripped cushions) but even with the cost of fixing those things it was still cheaper than even the DIY project I had in mind!! {and way less work} WooHoo!!  God is in the details people and He is good.
    I knew I had some outdoor fabric that my mom had gifted me with years ago, and my plan was to use that, however I quickly realized I didn’t have near enough. So, I swallowed hard and headed to the fabric store to spend more on fabric than I have in a long time. (still cheaper than a new or DIY sectional) 

    I used the fabric I had to make pillows and added another fun print to the mix to pull it altogether. I love the happy result! And my family loves this new spot!!

    I will be sharing more of the how-tos and details over the next few weeks. And, a post on the whole patio space is coming soon!!  

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