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Spring 2016 ORC

Guess what starts this week!?! The spring session of the One Room Challenge {ORC}! The One Room Challenge is an awesome 6 week blogger challenge designed and hosted by Linda from Calling It Home.


Through this challenge I believe she has helped hundreds of us bloggers/DIYers to start and finish rooms that we were otherwise dragging our feet on! The idea of course is to begin and finish a room in six weeks, while posting weekly updates on your blog. My favorite part of the ORC is the encouragement from everyone else that is in the trenches with you. It’s our own little community of crazy, committed, get-er-doners! {yes, I just made that word up}

I wasn’t sure I was going to participate this time around, being spring of my girls senior year, but then I thought it might be a nice distraction from all the sad thoughts 😥 You’ll have to come back Thursday to see what room I’ve chosen. But I thought I would share a couple of pics from previous ORC rooms.

The first time was our Master Bedroom. This room seems to often be the room we decorate last. Same for us. So, it was nice to devote some time to our space and we still love it to this day!




This fall we completed another space that had been neglected for far too long, mainly because I really want to do a major overhaul. A major overhaul wasn’t/isn’t in the budget but a facelift was. Seriously, if you missed it before, you must go back and check out the before pics – this room came a long way with a lot of paint and a lot of DIY!





Just about every room in this house has our stamp on it now! There are a couple of areas that still could use some TLC and one of them is going to be getting it over the next six weeks! Be sure to come back Thursday to see what we’ll be sweating over!

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