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How to Set a Pretty Thanksgiving Table on a Budget

Hey there friends!! We are super busy around here trying to put the finishing touches on our One Room Challenge Laundry Room Update. But, I still want to bring you some other useful content that is relevant for the season!! Can you believe it’s November already?!? I think every year the clock moves faster. Thanksgiving will be here before you know it, so there is no better time than the present to get ready! So, today I’m sharing with you how to set a pretty table on a budget!!
How to Set a Pretty Thanksgiving Table on a Budget
We have had the pleasure of hosting our families for Thanksgiving the last few years, and we are again this year. And…the group just keeps growing!!

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I love setting a pretty table, even if our family would be just as happy with folding chairs and paper plates. I get excited about this time each year thinking about how I want to go about it and what things I will use to create a festive table. I don’t have a bunch of fancy sets of dishes. Mostly because we don’t have the place to store them. So, I started buying plain white plates from the Dollar Tree. They go with everything and they are pretty substantial plates. And…even if one gets broken, it’s not the end of the world!
I made a few tablecloths out of dropcloths that are basic and can be paired with just about anything. I usually change up the napkins and the centerpieces. But, of course, if you know me, I do it all on a budget! I do like to use real dishes, glasses, flatware, tablecloths, and napkins. But, if you’re budget is more constrictive then by all means use paper and plastic!! Or, maybe you can mix it in here and there to make the whole investment less.

Tips for setting a pretty table on a budget:

  1. Dollar Tree dishes and glasses.

  2. Borrow extra flatware from family or friends.

  3. You can find so many inexpensive napkin choices on Amazon, including the ones that I am using this year. (I won’t pay more than $1.50 each for them and I prefer to keep it closer to the $1 mark.) OR make your own, which I have done several times. OR use paper!! No shame in that and you can find any style you like!

  4. Fresh flowers are festive and beautiful for any occasion. Grocery store flowers are inexpensive and can be quite beautiful with a little bit of TLC. Mason jars make great vases if you don’t have enough actual vases. Do you have a Trader Joe’s in your area?? Check out their fresh flower selection! It’s great and for great prices!

  5. Use things from nature. Do you still have some pretty fall foliage in your yard….or maybe your neighbors yard? Clip some and put that in a vase!!

  6. Keep it simple! Remember – you need room for the food and your guests want to be able to see each other when they are talking. 🙂

Here are a few tables from years past that I have shared here on the blog. You can click on each image to go to the blog post that will give you more pics and details!
Plum Fall Tablescape
A Sunny Thanksgiving Tablescape
Pumpkin & Gingham Fall Tablescape
Fall Tablescape in Shades of Blue
Fall Place Setting With Leaves and Gingham
Polka Dot Fall Napkin
Hope this post was helpful!! Be sure to check back in Thursday for the BIG REVEAL!! I am so excited to share with y’all! Thanks for cheering me on through the process. If you need more Thanksgiving Table inspiration check out my Pinterest board here, or this one for all kinds of tablescapes. BTW, are you following me on Pinterest?? If not you should be!!

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