Home Office Update – Week 3 One Room Challenge

I’m back today with an update on our home office One Room Challenge makeover. We are halfway through this challenge and this week I actually did get a bit nervous.


You see this is the current state of our home office. 😳


The real desk is almost ready to come back in, but for now we still need a place to work on the computer so I set up this little table. The new and improved bookshelf is in it’s new home and I even managed to get the printer in place.



But, honestly, that’s it. πŸ™
I have done a little shopping around, but no buying. I stumbled upon these two beauties at Marshall’s the other day.


But, I’m afraid neither of them match or even blend very well with everything else in the design. Which is a big fat bummer because they were on clearance. So, who knows what I’m going to do for a chair.
Here’s my sad little punch list progress.
*paint furniture (almost done)
*organize computer hardware
*organize other desk stuff (which will include purchasing new organizational containers and such)
*create an inspiration board
*find new desk chair
*accessorize and fluff
Wow…that’s worse than I thought. I technically can’t cross a single thing off! Makes me want to add in a couple of things, just so I can cross something off! Oh, come on, you know you do it too!
Ok, well, that’s really it for today. I guess I should go and get to work! It’s Fall Break for my kiddos, so I’ll see you back here next week!
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