Clutter Intervention Anyone??

Hey friends! As I was shoving freshly washed sheets into my linen closet today, I realized I needed an intervention…for myself. Anyone else need a clutter intervention?? It’s been a couple of years since I spent the majority of that year decluttering our entire house room by room. And, to be honest, I think I need to do it again. Our family has gone through a few transitions since then and stuff has piled up. All the storage is full and a lot of this have become disorganized. So I’m doing something about it!! Just say no to clutter in 2018!!
If you know anything about organization then you know you can’t organize clutter. You can’t organize a mess. You can’t organize too. much. stuff. So, the first step in any organization process is always declutter, declutter, declutter. If you are on my email list then you should have these basic tips for decluttering and 30 great places to start. And, while that’s good and all, I really know how these things work. You get all excited, you have a great start, and then something happens to knock you off track and there ya go. You never finish. Am I right?? You know I’m right.
So, I’ve had an idea for a while now to start a decluttering challenge. And, you know what?? The new year is as good a time as any. Typically people are all into making their lives better at this time of year, so why not start in your home by banishing the clutter?? This exercise is one for both body and mind. Not only will your house look better, but it will feel better as well. All that clutter hanging around our living space, clutters up our brain space.
People need space to live, and learn, and grow!!
If this sounds like something you would be interested I would love for you to join me in a challenge to take back the house!
Within the challenge you will receive an email once a week on Sunday that will direct you to what space(s) you should be working on that week. Along with tips and tricks for both decluttering and organizing said space. These emails will keep you motivated and accountable to getting your home cleaned up and organized and ready for your family to relax in and enjoy!!
Ready to take back your home?? To reclaim your space?? Sign-up and join the challenge below!!
I’m super pumped about this!! Honestly, even if there’s only one or two of you that sign-up for this challenge, It will be worth it all to at least get our home back into shape!
Here’s to space!!


  • brenda

    this should be interesting since i am in the process of unpacking all the boxes i packed for the move to our new to us home. having lived in a maze of cardboard boxes that i had been packing for the move i am now living in a maze of those boxes that are slowly dwindling down as i unpack.

    • frazzledjoy

      Oh goodness! Every time I think about moving again I cringe at the thought of packing up all of our stuff. Ugh! Sending prayers for strength and energy as you work through those boxes!!

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