Keep Your Shoe Shelves Looking Like New

Happy Thursday friends! I’m here to share a quick tip with you today! Do you have shoe shelves in your closet like we do? Are they painted white like ours? We love them, but even from the start I knew I wanted to protect that painted white finish. I found an easy, inexpensive, and effective way to do that! Remember the shoe shelves from our closet makeover?? Oh how I love them so!!
Adjustable shoe shelf DIY
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Office Organization Tips for Paper Pilers

Okay, I’ll admit it, I’m a paper piler. I typically have three or four piles of papers on my desk at one time, as well as another one or two piles somewhere else. I have tried many, many, many systems to remedy this problem with NO success. I’m a visual person so, literally, out of sight = out of mind. Piling works for me, so why disrupt the system?? Well, because it’s ugly!! This before picture of my desk is pretty accurate – several piles. So, what’s my solution?? What tips do I have for my office to get organized and stay that way??
Even if you don't have a dedicated room for an office, you can always carve out a corner to create an office space.
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The HomeRight Small Spray Shelter

I love using spray paint to give things new life! What I don’t love is the mess I tend to make with it! HA! There really are only about two days out of every year that the weather is perfect for spray painting outdoors here in Oklahoma. No, seriously. So, when I saw these lovely spray shelters from Homeright I was super excited.

HomeRight small spray shelter

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