Bringing Wood Bowls Back to Life

Hey there friends! Hope you are doing awesome! Things have been crazy as usual around here. Fall semester = all the activities. Each week it seems a new thing is added to the agenda, which can leave this mama a bit frazzled. We keep busy, but really do try our best to not be too busy. And, we definitely intentionally take time to rest! Think about it, do you do that? Your body and your brain craves it. Give yourself (and your family) permission to sit. and. do. nothing. for a few hours one afternoon. You won’t regret it I promise! Ok, encouragement and challenge given, let’s move on to today’s topic – thrifted wood bowls.

A couple of weeks ago while thrifting I stumbled across some wood bowls.

thrifted wood bowls

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Thrifting Thursday

Hey there! I love to find bargains, don’t you? Hubby loves to go garage sale-ing and this has become our Friday morning thing this spring and summer. Hey, after 21 years time spent together is time spent together – no need for a fancy date!

This last weekend we scored some fab finds for cheap!

This set of skinny evergreen trees is something I have been eye-balling for years, but didn’t want to pay the price. These were just right for $10!

These lamps were $5 each…yes sir!! For $15 three lamps and shades (even though I don’t like the shades). Cannot wait to change these up and make them awesome!

These sweet framed art pieces were only $1 each!!  What?!? I bought them mostly for the frames which are awesome, but the art is growing on me. 🙂

I’m starting to open my mind more and look for things I love at a good price, even if I don’t know what I’m gonna do with it. I might need a storage shed soon. Ha!

Have you found some good bargains lately?? Happy hunting!!

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Memory Lane Gallery Wall

So, I think I found my creative mojo folks!!  Yay!! We have been blessed with some beautiful weather around here the past several days, and I took the chance to do some spray painting projects that were on my list.  
First up was to work on a gallery wall for my girlie’s room.  She had some pics set aside when she moved rooms that she said she wanted in frames, so I decided since she was out of town this weekend I would do something special with them for her.
Months ago a friend posted a pic on facebook of a bunch of frames she was getting rid of. I don’t remember how much I paid for the lot – but it was a great deal!!
So, out of those, I chose the ones that worked best with the photos I had.  I removed all the glass, guts and backs of each frame {tip – somehow label the guts and the frame if you are doing a bunch all at once to make sure you get the right guts back in the right frame}. I chose a glossy black spray paint and went to work.
For the insides, I wanted to do more than just put the picture in.  Not wanting to spend the $$$ on mats, I opted for scrapbook paper and some paper tape. {I think the tape came from the dollar tree – it was bought during the holidays on impulse 🙂 – glad I did because it works great here!}
I simply cut the scrapbook paper to fit each frame and then attached the photo with the paper tape.  {Don’t you love that sparkly gold paper tape??}  If she gets tired of these photos, easy-peasy to remove the tape and insert new ones without damaging the background paper or the photo.
After all the frames were ready.  I moved on to the hanging and arranging.  Gallery walls used to terrify me.  But, after doing a couple, I now know that there is no wrong way to do it.  It just needs to look pleasing to you!  🙂
The gallery was going above her vanity table, and around the mirror.  So, I first positioned the mirror.  Then, I measured my space, and found a spot in the floor to arrange the rest.
After that was done.  I just started building the gallery.  Two pictures at a time, to get a cohesive look.  
In the end we have something that we both will surely love!!
Who could resist smiling at this cuteness everyday??
My girlie will soon be 17 (in 12 days!) and I hope that seeing these photos everyday will bring back sweet memories!!
So much love for my mini-me :).

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Refinished Furniture Take One

Hello there stranger!  Miss me?  Ya well I missed you!!  We have been busy around here with kiddo stuff, and I have been project working in between as much as I can attempting to finish up my long list for the kids rooms.  

In the midst of moving and swapping furniture out to make sure everyone had what they needed/wanted, I was faced with doing some furniture re-finishing.  Normally I would have slapped some paint on it and called it good.  But, of course my little one wanted brown – to go with his nature theme – of course.  I know I could’ve still slapped some paint on it, but I have an aversion with painting wood brown.  You see, in our first home, the previous owners had so kindly painted ALL the wood in the house chocolate brown….

So, I decided to try my hand at stripping and re-finishing a couple of pieces.  One was a headboard and foot board that we had stored in the attic.  It was my daughter’s last and I had painted it to look like this.

Cute, but not really the little guy’s style.  So, on the recommendation of many bloggers, I thought I would try this.

It worked very well, and there was no bad odor!! Fabulous!!  Little man even got in on the fun! I call that sweat equity!

Being this was my first time, and I had zero idea what I was doing, I think it turned out pretty well.

I love the rustic, imperfect look that we achieved. (Even if it was accidental.)  

The other piece that I tackled was a piece that I picked up for a steal of $10 at a garage sale.  We knew it was worth more than that when we hoisted it into the back of our truck (it was heavy).  

And of course, in non-blogger style, I took to it with the stripper before I got a before shot. 🙁 But, you can see in these pics a bit of the lovely baby blue color they had painted it.  

This piece was amazing!!  I don’t know what kind of wood this is but, it finished beautifully.

Each piece got a coat of stain and a coat of polyurethane.  You can see in the photo below from left to right – before, stain on, stain wiped off.

After finishing the second piece I realized that there were spots on the headboard where we scratched it up when we were scraping the paint off, and there were places where I don’t think I got ALL of the original stain and poly off. But, you know what they say about hindsight, and like I said, I like the rustic finish!!

Have you ever re-finished a piece of furniture? Would you do it again?  I would!  It was not near as hard I thought it might be.  Time and patience is all that it needed!!

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