April in Review

The One Room Challenge has been taking up a lot of my time, but to be honest, what is keeping me most busy are my kids. Moms of school age kids out there, you know what I mean. It’s the end of the year, and we have to do all.the.things. Not to mention my daughter is a senior, so just add about 1,657,265 more things to that. Moms of high school seniors – don’t you just love this in between time?? While trying to finish up all the things high school, we must also start all the things college. One thing at a time people – that’s all my brain can handle right now!

So, today I am doing a bit of a catch all, catch up of all the things family going on around here in the past month!

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Another Year Older

A couple of months ago our oldest turned 20. And just this weekend our daughter turned 18. 18 and 20? How is that possible?? Seriously it was just yesterday that they came home from the hospital right? 

It’s hard not to have all the feelings when these milestones occur. The past 18 years seem like such a blur. 

This year has been filled with all the senior things. Ordering cap and gown. Preparing her senior salute for the yearbook. Senior pictures. Applying for college. And soon, all these things will conclude with senior prom (of course), finals, graduation, baccalaureate, senior Sunday at our church, all the final church youth trips for the summer, and the end all – moving to college.

This is not our first time to do this – send a kid to college – but even still, I know it won’t be easy. She is our only daughter. I know the space she will leave behind will be large. And yes, I know it’s not forever, but we will be forever changed. 

Changed by her presence, and changed by her absence. 

Children are a gift from the Lord…(Psalm 127:3 NLT).  I have cherished every moment of these past 18 years, and I look forward to what the next 18+ bring. 

Love you sweet daughter of mine!!

All the beautiful senior pics were taken by Caitlin Boswell. If you are in the Oklahoma City area, check her out! She is amazing, sweet, and very talented!

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 photo Namesignature_zpsd15d2f6d.png
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Bright and Fun Teen Girls Room Reveal

In honor of my daughter’s birthday this weekend I thought I would finally share with you her new room!!  This was truly a collaboration between her and I design-wise, with her having the majority of the say.  In the past I would always tell her she could design her own room.  But, in the end it always ended up being more what I wanted.  This time I was intentional about letting her have her way.  Which proved to be difficult sometimes, I’m not gonna lie. 🙂
bright and fun teen girls room
orange teen girls room
triangle accent wall
I shared with you earlier the how-to on the triangle wall.  A labor of love for sure!
We did get to enjoy some crafting together along the way.  The large “A” above her bed was all her (and her dad). 
large A with lighted wall hanging
She drew the letter, dad cut it out, she painted it and she wrapped it in lights.  It’s super cute lit-up.  🙂  She said she wanted a big “A” and I just couldn’t see it, but it turned out great.
lighted A wall hanging
I shared with you last week the gallery wall I created for her.  I walk down memory lane.  🙂 So fun to put together, and she loved it – score!
gallery wall
She is very much what I like to call an out-in-the-open organizer.  If the place for things is not out in the open, things will not get put away.  So, I had stocked up on ideas from blogland for months and these are the ones we tweaked to work for us with a lot of supplies we had on hand.  
teen girl organization
dollar store tiered tray/ jewelry organizer – inspired by Charming in Charlotte / nail polish storage
teen girl bedding
The bedding is quite the combo.  With all the orange in the room, I insisted on white bedding. Daring to be sure with this messy teenager, but I knew the room needed some light.  We found this cuteness at TJ Max.  The throw and the adorable pillow were handmade by her granny and are just the right touch I think.  She was hoping for some fur pillows and I found these rather large ones at Sams before Christmas for $20 each, and they have feather inserts!  Steal :). The curtains actually moved with her from her previous room and they were purchased from Hobby Lobby.
bright and fun teen girls room
This room is so her, and I’m happy to have worked with her on this project! Do you have a teen you want to create a space for?  Make sure and give them plenty of input.  They need a space they can call there’s during these fun years. 😉  Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!!

P.S. If you are interested in seeing where this journey started you can check out this post.

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Memory Lane Gallery Wall

So, I think I found my creative mojo folks!!  Yay!! We have been blessed with some beautiful weather around here the past several days, and I took the chance to do some spray painting projects that were on my list.  
First up was to work on a gallery wall for my girlie’s room.  She had some pics set aside when she moved rooms that she said she wanted in frames, so I decided since she was out of town this weekend I would do something special with them for her.
Months ago a friend posted a pic on facebook of a bunch of frames she was getting rid of. I don’t remember how much I paid for the lot – but it was a great deal!!
So, out of those, I chose the ones that worked best with the photos I had.  I removed all the glass, guts and backs of each frame {tip – somehow label the guts and the frame if you are doing a bunch all at once to make sure you get the right guts back in the right frame}. I chose a glossy black spray paint and went to work.
For the insides, I wanted to do more than just put the picture in.  Not wanting to spend the $$$ on mats, I opted for scrapbook paper and some paper tape. {I think the tape came from the dollar tree – it was bought during the holidays on impulse 🙂 – glad I did because it works great here!}
I simply cut the scrapbook paper to fit each frame and then attached the photo with the paper tape.  {Don’t you love that sparkly gold paper tape??}  If she gets tired of these photos, easy-peasy to remove the tape and insert new ones without damaging the background paper or the photo.
After all the frames were ready.  I moved on to the hanging and arranging.  Gallery walls used to terrify me.  But, after doing a couple, I now know that there is no wrong way to do it.  It just needs to look pleasing to you!  🙂
The gallery was going above her vanity table, and around the mirror.  So, I first positioned the mirror.  Then, I measured my space, and found a spot in the floor to arrange the rest.
After that was done.  I just started building the gallery.  Two pictures at a time, to get a cohesive look.  
In the end we have something that we both will surely love!!
Who could resist smiling at this cuteness everyday??
My girlie will soon be 17 (in 12 days!) and I hope that seeing these photos everyday will bring back sweet memories!!
So much love for my mini-me :).

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All-American Teen Boy Bedroom

About two and a half months ago I started re-doing kids bedrooms.  If you’re new here you can check out this post for more details.  Today I am finally ready to share with you one of those rooms!!  
Just as a refresher, here is what we started with in this room.  The room that used to belong to big brother – now in college ;).
boy bedroom before
This room now belongs to my middle son.  He just turned thirteen, and he loves all things Americana. 
Americana boys room
Once he agreed on my design direction, I let him choose the paint color.  He really wanted navy, but I really didn’t want the room to be too dark, so we met in the middle with this denim blue color.  The quilt he has had for years, and we love it.  It worked with the color scheme so we decided to keep it.
The flag is from a USA soccer game he went to with his dad a year ago, and truly was the main inspiration.  I knew he would want to display that so I decided to work with it!!  
The curtains are made from my trusty source – drop cloths, and were inspired by these that Sarah made for her boys.  The stars are cut from a chambray fabric.  I frayed the edges of the stars by washing and drying them, and then adhered them with some iron-on tape.
star appliqued dropcloth curtains
The bookshelf got a little personality from a poster that I found.
bookshelf backed with flag poster
I actually removed the cheap cardboard backing, and replaced it with a piece of foam-core-board that I mod-podged this flag poster to.
red white and blue striped wall
The stripes are perfect to break up the boring wall without the need for a lot of art work.
USA themed bedroom
The star I have had for years.  It was red, faded, and collecting dust in my garage.  A little silver spray paint and I think it fits perfectly in here.
The dresser was fun to paint and surprise him with.  He LOVES it :).  He said it looks like racing stripes on a mustang.  Mama score!!
Americana accessories
With just a few DIY’s and some personal touches we were able to create a room that we both love. There are still a couple of things on the list. Extra touches to make it a little cozier [maybe a few pillows;)], but for the most part it is d.o.n.e.

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