Bringing Wood Bowls Back to Life

Hey there friends! Hope you are doing awesome! Things have been crazy as usual around here. Fall semester = all the activities. Each week it seems a new thing is added to the agenda, which can leave this mama a bit frazzled. We keep busy, but really do try our best to not be too busy. And, we definitely intentionally take time to rest! Think about it, do you do that? Your body and your brain craves it. Give yourself (and your family) permission to sit. and. do. nothing. for a few hours one afternoon. You won’t regret it I promise! Ok, encouragement and challenge given, let’s move on to today’s topic – thrifted wood bowls.

A couple of weeks ago while thrifting I stumbled across some wood bowls.

thrifted wood bowls

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New and Improved Armoire

Hey there friends! If you’ve been around for any time at all, you know that I love the amazing power of paint. The walls in our home are probably at least 1/2 inch thicker than when we moved in, simply from all the layers of paint. Ha! But, walls are not the only thing that can be transformed with paint and a few hours. There are many pieces of furniture in our home that has fallen victim to my paint brush! The latest victim? This piece that used to live in my daughter’s room.

armoire in teen room

I always felt there was too much furniture in her room, but she used it all, so there it stayed. Now that she is away at college 9 months out of the year, there is simply no reason for all of it to stay. So, I decided to relocate the armoire. (and honestly, over labor day weekend – as seen on Instagram – it all came out except for the bed)

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How To Update A Wicker Basket With Stain

Sharing a simple project with you today! Another from our bathroom update. 🙂

Maybe you remember this cute basket corralling some necessities.

I looked and looked and looked for a basket that would fit the top of the toilet, hold a few things, and that was of course cheap.

I finally found something that met my needs at Ross for $5. (pictured here with all my other budget friendly finishing touches for the room)

But, as I started to finish out the room I realized the color was way off. It was just too orange-y. What to do?

On a whim I decided to try applying some stain to the basket (the same stain I used on the mirror frame and the shelves). And what do you know?!? It worked!

I simply brushed on a pretty generous coat of stain. I wanted to give it time to soak into the wicker, so I let it set for 15 minutes or so before I tried to wipe any excess off. It took a couple of days to dry, but the end result was totally worth the wait! 

I will say that this basket had a slight plastic-y coating on it, which is probably why it took so long to soak in and to dry. If it were natural wicker, it probably would have been a faster process. Also, if it is more plastic-y than not, this probably won’t work at all. I tested the stain on the bottom of the basket beforehand.

Have a great weekend!!

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Repurposed Kitchen Island

Hey there! We finally have some sun today!! Last week I shared a few things that we were trying out. One of them being a kitchen “island”. Well, that turned out to be a big yes!! So, it got a makeover (of course).
kitchen island

If you remember it started like this. 
butcher block kitchen island
It was in pretty good shape – a screw missing and a few others that needed to be tightened. Oh, and if I didn’t mention – hubby snagged this at a garage sale for $10!! 
The only problem we had with it in the kitchen was the towel bar/handle on one end, which I failed to photograph, so you’ll just have to imagine that.
I figured – no big deal, I’ll just take that off, Ha! Famous last words right?? Removing that handle, meant taking the top off just to get to the screws.
kitchen cart makeover
Well, no worries – I was planning on finishing the top by re-staining so it was probably easier to take it off anyway!
The top got a good sanding and a few coats of a darker stain. Love!!
refinishing counter
Taking the handle/towel bar off left me with a few holes. I plugged them with pieces of a dowel rod cut to fit. Put a little wood glue on the end, push it into the hole, fill the space, sand and you are ready to paint!
kitchen cart update
I have to admit, this piece actually got two paint jobs. I started with black and hated it. I was playing it safe and it wasn’t REALLY what I wanted. 
kitchen cart painted black
So, I grabbed my go-to turquoise that is also on the kitchen door, and finished it out to be who she was intended to be. 
turquoise kitchen cart
Re-attach the top and…
butcher block kitchen cart turned kitchen island
I have to share that I used a tip from my friend Jennifer that is golden. Spray the finished piece with this spray poly (which I got at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon).
spray polyurethane finish
Everything will cure much faster – which is perfect for all of us who are impatient and want to style NOW – and thing won’t stick to the painted surface! Man, I wish I would have heard that a lot sooner. Countless painted pieces with things stuck to them. :-/ 
I found the baskets at Marshall’s. They have a great selection and great prices. Even better than some of the craft stores at half price! We love our new island and we use it everyday!
I will be back tomorrow to join Linda and lots of other brave bloggers in the One Room Challenge! If you are not familiar with this I would suggest you check out the kick-off today of the 20 bloggers/designers that are participating this year! 
So much talent and inspiration! Tomorrow the rest of us will be linking up! 
So, come back tomorrow to see what room I picked and my over-zealous plans!! 🙂 

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Fridays Unfolded Link Party {#140}

Another week has past, or rather flown by!  It’s time to party here again!

I have still been struggling trying to find my creative mojo after Christmas break!  And, apparently I am not alone!  Everyday I read one or two other creative bloggers posts about having a hard time getting started again!!  Creativity can sometimes hit a slump, but creativity for a creative mind is necessary.  I was able to at least muster up enough to put together some sort of plan/inspiration for the family room update I would like to accomplish this year!!  I’m excited about the possibilities!

As always there were some fun things going on at the party last week.  Here are the ones that caught my eye.

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A Little Pink Nursery – te amo too

Katie from Little House of Four took a Goodwill find and made it fabulous for her family!

$25.00 Goodwill Art Table Makeover – Little House of Four

We all love the look of the large aluminum letters we are seeing everywhere.  But, not always the price.  I love the method Elizabeth from Just Following Jesus used for achieving the look with a much smaller price tag.

Frugal Faux Metal Letters For Wall Decor – Just Following Jesus

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Be sure to check out the other hostesses to see what they picked.  Also make sure you check out our pinterest boards.  One board for features and one board for other things that may have caught our eye.

Now let’s see what you’ve been up to this week!!

You remember the rules 😉

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