Tips For Getting The Most Out Of Your Throw Pillows

I love throw pillows just about as much as any woman. They just add so much to the feel of a room. However, for years we had maybe one or two in our home. Why? Mostly because I didn’t want to spend the money on them. The less expensive pillows were filled with stuff (polyester fiber-fil) that wouldn’t hold up for more than a year. And, the better pillows that were feather-filled were too expensive for our budget. So…no pillows.

tips for getting the most out of your throw pillows

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Tips For Adding Piping Trim To Pillows

Last week I shared with you how I created my own custom piping for our patio pillows. Easy right?? So, today I’m going to share some tips on how to add it to your pillows.  

If you’ve ever added trim to pillows, you know it’s pretty basic. But, there are a few tricky spots that can be a headache – how to begin and end, and how to handle corners. So, I’ll address those issues today.

To start, hang the end of the trim off the edge of one pillow panel. Then, you will sew OVER the trim and continue on the sewn edge of the trim. It should look like this. 

I usually match up the edge of the trim with the edge of the pillow panel, regardless of the size, I don’t worry about seam allowance too much. 🙂

For the corners – stop about a seam allowance (whatever that might be for the trim you are using) away from the corner, cut a slit in the trim – up to, but not through, the sewn edge. 

This will allow you to turn the trim on the corner cleanly. Continue sewing!
To finish, hang trim over the edge and stitch through. Matching up the beginning and the end. It should look like this. 

You’ll want to trim off the excess before sewing the panels together.
After you have the trim attached, pin the pillow panels right sides together and use the seam made by attaching the trim as a guide for sewing the pillows together. 

When making our patio pillows, I chose to not make removable pillow covers so I just left an opening for stuffing the pillow in. 

I hand stitched the opening closed, and ta-da! You’re bottom edge should look like this

Barely detectable, right?? Obviously this method is for those permanent pillows you might want to make and not pillow covers. You could use this method if you were making a envelope pillow cover. If you are adding a zipper however that’s a bit trickier. Here is what my zippered pillow covers with piping look like.

There are other methods out there for sure, but this works best for me!!  Happy sewing friends!!

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Lightening Up a Dark Couch With Pillows

Good morning friends! I’m here to say that living on a budget is sometimes no fun. We have been spending way too much on car repairs lately which has put everything else on the list on hold. Maybe you’ve been there?? So, as much as I would love to finish out our family room makeover with a lovely white slip-covered sectional from Pottery Barn today, I’m just gonna have to wait. So, what to do to make our dark brown sofa fit in?? Pillows, and lots of them!

I made all of these myself and used feather pillow inserts from IKEA (6 bucks people, you can’t beat that). I have started backing my pillows with dropcloth fabric. This helps keep the cost down. (don’t you love the styling of the tray on the ottoman – thanks kids for adding your touch :))

Don’t see the difference? Here it is before.

Cuter styling of the tray but way too much brown going on! 

Sewing pillow covers is fairly simple if you are doing a basic square with no trim. There are lots of tutorials out there like this one. What makes it tricky is when you decided to add trim, or a flange detail – like the orange pillows – or try to something really risky like use striped fabric to create a different design – like the turquoise pillows.

I must admit that I have been sewing since I was 9 years old. So, most of the time when I start a sewing project I don’t look for how-tos. I just dive in. I might do a few sketches, hold things together to see how it works, but mostly I just make it up as I go. I’m sure that a lot of times there’s an easier way to do what I do, but hey, I really don’t mind. I like stretching my mind and trying to figure it out. 

I also made this cutie for our rocking chair. This is the rocking chair I rocked all our babies in, which means I just cannot part with it. It has lived in several rooms in our home, and now it lives in a corner of our family room. This pillow got all the love (see what I did there? ha!) – trim, applique, and a print backing!

I am going to try to pull together a tutorial soon for the turquoise pillows. My making it up as you go routine, sometimes means that I didn’t take pictures of everything. So, we shall see.

Have a wonderful day everyone!!

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Tween Boy Bedroom Reveal

I know it seems like it has taken me a long time to finish the kids’ rooms!!  In reality the majority of the work has been done for a while, just tough to catch the room clean enough for good photos!! 🙂

This room belongs to my youngest who is a lover of animals, nature, and music.  I helped with the general direction of the room, but he chose the color scheme.  It was difficult to do brown and green (with a little navy here and there) and not end of with camouflage, but I think we did ok.

The wall color is actually Spanish Moss from Martha Stewart mixed in Glidden paint and it really is more of a light mossy green rather than the strange lime color showing in some of the pics!

His favorite animal is the giraffe, so of course I had to incorporate giraffe print somewhere.  The brown curtains were ones I had on hand, but they were too short.  So, I added a band of giraffe print to the top.  A simple nod to his fav.

He’s a bit opinionated on how things are gonna be in here.  So, despite the fact that my plan was one large gallery wall, we ended up with two smaller ones. And, ya know, I like it that way. I’ll share more details on this soon.

He wanted something unique for his bed and when I suggested tie-dye he was all over it! This really expresses his personality!  We had a lot of fun creating this duvet cover together.  🙂

And, don’t forget the super easy DIY trundle bed hubby and I created!  It worked great when my oldest was home for Christmas break and I’m sure it will get a lot more use this summer!

The bookcase is actually a cheapy laminate one that we have had for years.  With a little elbow grease, paint, and wood-look contact paper it is a new creation!  I adore that he still loves his stuffed animals and toys…:)

His desk is organized to his liking, and covered with all of his treasures.  🙂

It is just right for him to go and hang out amongst his things, do some homework, or work on his music.  He loves it which means so do I!

To see the other kiddo’s completed room click on the links below 🙂

Bright and Fun Teen Girls Bedroom

All-American Teen Boy Bedroom

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Pillows and More Pillows!!

There was a time when we didn’t have many pillows in our home, but that will not be the case anymore.  Pillows just say ‘cozy’ to me.

For our master bedroom update I made an easy change by replacing all the pillows and pillow covers.  I replaced the red toile pillow shams with some DIY dropcloth envelope shams (made using this method) that I added some ribbon stripes to. I had just enough ribbon left to make two stripes on one end of each sham, but that works, because that’s the only part that shows.  🙂  

The blue fabric on the two throw pillows was one that caught my eye in the beginning of the update.  I looked at a lot of other options, but this one just kept coming back to my heart, so I made it mine.  The pillow in the middle is made with leftover fabric from the headboard.  I had just enough. And, once again with the ribbon – only this time I manipulated it to look like a heart!  It’s not perfect, but that makes it perfect.  (These three pillows were made using this method only with a regular zipper instead of an invisible one.)

I was really taken by the fabric on the bolster pillow too. This was one of my last projects, so I was at the end of my budget. I REALLY wanted a bolster pillow.  I’m not sure why, but I did.  But, since there was no money left, I wasn’t sure what I was gonna use for a pillow form.  Then I looked at one of the standard pillows that I took out of some old pillow shams and a light-bulb went off. So I did this.  

I folded the pillow in half long-ways and stitched the edges together.  Instant bolster pillow form. 

Then all I had to do was sew a tube, stuff in the pillow form, and tie up the ends with the last of the ribbon.  

I love how full and fluffy the bed looks, and feels!! And pillows are such an easy and inexpensive way to bring in color too!!

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