Patio Sprucing

Hey there friends! How are y’all?? We had a bit of rain this last week (thanks Bill), but it finally cleared up long enough for the sun to come out!! Yay!! So, I took that opportunity to style up our newly refreshed patio furniture!

This set was a hand-me-down from several years back which has been great! In my plans to deck out the patio this summer was to freshen up these pieces. 

I really didn’t realize how bad they were looking until I sprayed on that first coat – wow!

Now they look brand new! Love that. 🙂 The table and chairs took about 8 cans of spray paint (under $30) and a couple of days. 

The cute table decor came on the cheap – because honestly, I don’t do things any other way! I used our yellow umbrella as my jumping off point for color.

I found the cute placemats at Hobby Lobby at 50% off. 

The plates I had on hand, but they are from the dollar tree. 

The napkins I made, tied up with some fun ribbon. 
The centerpiece I pulled out of my cabinet. 🙂 {We lost power about a month ago during a storm, and I scrambled to find light – cheap candles in mason jars – boom.}

Easy peasy, and all for under $10. $15 if I had to purchase the plates and the candles. Love that!

Hoping to get started on the other half soon. Really stuck on deciding which direction to go. Sometimes I’m really indecisive! Ha!

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Girl Time and Furniture Painting

Are you in need of a fun girls night out?? If you are local to the Oklahoma City/Edmond area I have a great idea for you!!

Last week my friend Amanda and I attended a furniture painting class at The Paint Bar in Edmond. And we had a fabulous time!! My blogger friend Allison just opened this awesome shop here in Edmond. The Paint Bar has a store front, with an attached warehouse space. In the store front she sells two types of furniture paint – Heirloom Traditions Chalk Type Paint and Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint, along with all the other necessary supplies for finishing your project. And, in the warehouse she hosts painting classes, and a once a month sale!
We attended the Intro to Furniture Painting class. A variety of sample boards, paint, and wax were provided. Alison walked us through several different processes and techniques that can be done with this chalk-type paint, along with lots of great tips!
Here are my sample boards with paint.

And, here they are with a variety of wax finishes.

The best thing I learned was that I can use this chalk-type paint to paint over all that laminate furniture that is still lingering around my house. And, you can do it without sanding!!  (The black board was a piece of laminate.) I have painted laminate in the past, but I have found that it takes several coats. This piece only took two coats to cover. (If you were to paint a lighter coat over a dark laminate it may take more.)

Above all, we had lots of laughs, learned a lot, and sparked our creativity. All of which are good to do!! So, if you are local and looking for a fun night out, you can check out upcoming classes on Allison’s website Refunk My Junk. Allison also sells her paints and tools on her website.

Thanks again Allison for such a fun time!!

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Tuition for this class was provided in exchange for this review, however all opinions here are 100% mine. 

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Stenciled Entryway

If you follow me on instagram you got a sneak peek at the beginning of this project.  I’ve never stenciled a wall before so this was definitely an adventure!!  But, man oh man do I LOVE the outcome.

Here is the before of the area.  

I painted it when I painted the family room, and in the same color. 

I love the lightness and brightness and it goes well with our ‘mudroom’ wall. But, it was a little bland. 

These walls were wallpapered when we moved in and I think they must have been from the beginning because these walls have no texture. 
I’ve tried my hand at texturing before and I was not that great at it, so I’ve never tackled this space.  

When I was thinking of ideas to spice it up, the image of Pam’s entry kept popping into my mind. 

I love the bold statement her entry makes!! I toyed with lots of ideas (including some more bold graphic looks), but it came down this softer look.  

About 1/4 of the way through the first wall I knew without a doubt I had made the right choice. Don’t you love it when that happens??

I used this large stencil from Hobby Lobby and a small foam roller for most of the job. 

I also used a foam brush for corners, or next to wall and trim. (I would recommend that if you are stenciling a wall for the first time to start with a flat wall with no windows, or doors.)

I mixed my own paint by using the wall paint and adding a sample pot of a darker color I had tested for the walls, and a bottle of shimmer glaze I bought at Hobby Lobby. The shimmer is extremely faint. Like, you can’t see it unless you are right on top of it, but that’s okay.  🙂
One more after shot.

Just enough spice to say “welcome, come on in!” Now, I’m working on the entry outside to make it look as good! If it would stop raining I might get to finish! 🙂

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Tween Boy Bedroom Reveal

I know it seems like it has taken me a long time to finish the kids’ rooms!!  In reality the majority of the work has been done for a while, just tough to catch the room clean enough for good photos!! 🙂

This room belongs to my youngest who is a lover of animals, nature, and music.  I helped with the general direction of the room, but he chose the color scheme.  It was difficult to do brown and green (with a little navy here and there) and not end of with camouflage, but I think we did ok.

The wall color is actually Spanish Moss from Martha Stewart mixed in Glidden paint and it really is more of a light mossy green rather than the strange lime color showing in some of the pics!

His favorite animal is the giraffe, so of course I had to incorporate giraffe print somewhere.  The brown curtains were ones I had on hand, but they were too short.  So, I added a band of giraffe print to the top.  A simple nod to his fav.

He’s a bit opinionated on how things are gonna be in here.  So, despite the fact that my plan was one large gallery wall, we ended up with two smaller ones. And, ya know, I like it that way. I’ll share more details on this soon.

He wanted something unique for his bed and when I suggested tie-dye he was all over it! This really expresses his personality!  We had a lot of fun creating this duvet cover together.  🙂

And, don’t forget the super easy DIY trundle bed hubby and I created!  It worked great when my oldest was home for Christmas break and I’m sure it will get a lot more use this summer!

The bookcase is actually a cheapy laminate one that we have had for years.  With a little elbow grease, paint, and wood-look contact paper it is a new creation!  I adore that he still loves his stuffed animals and toys…:)

His desk is organized to his liking, and covered with all of his treasures.  🙂

It is just right for him to go and hang out amongst his things, do some homework, or work on his music.  He loves it which means so do I!

To see the other kiddo’s completed room click on the links below 🙂

Bright and Fun Teen Girls Bedroom

All-American Teen Boy Bedroom

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Bringing New Life to the Built-Ins (again)

Hello there!  You might have noticed that the walls, and the brick weren’t the only things that got a little paint love in our family room.  The built-ins also received some in the form of color this time! 

Several years back I transformed the built-ins from ugly-orange-oak to a beautiful almost white.  I loved them, but knowing everything else was going to be almost white I wanted to add some color in somewhere.  I have pinned so many images of bookshelves with the backs painted, so I decided this would be a great place to add a hint of color. Nothing too bold – just some navy blue (the same navy blue I used for the feature wall in our master bedroom).  🙂

Here they are before.

And here they are after paint.

And after things got returned to the shelves.

I re-styled a few things while I was at it as well. After 13 years of living with these built-ins, I’m still not great at styling them, but I do feel like it’s getting easier.  

The next steps for the family room include wood and fabric.  Stay tuned!  🙂

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