Master Bathroom Progress

Happy Tuesday friends! Posting a little later than normal for me because…well, summer. Can I get an amen for sleeping in?? (If you have little that still get up at the crack of dawn…I’m sorry, this too won’t last forever.) I shared a couple of weeks ago my new faux roman shade for our master bath. That project spurred me to finish up this part of our master bath. If you’re new here, you may not know our master bath situation. You can see it here in our master bedroom – yes, yes, that’s right we have what I refer to as a hotel bathroom. Part completely open to the bedroom, part not. The part I’m working on is the tinniest little (smaller than our closet) room that houses our shower and toilet.
tiny master bathroom update
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Bookshelf Refresh With DIY Chalk Type Paint

Hey friends! I’m back with another furniture update today! Do you have a piece of furniture in your home that you’re just tired of? Maybe it’s no longer your style, or maybe it just doesn’t work in your new design. When My daughter left for college this fall I purged furniture out of her room. There was just too much in there. I had painted a bookshelf for her room re-design several years ago. It was perfect in there, but I decided to move it into my youngest son’s room. The black and white just wouldn’t work in there. DIY chalk paint to the rescue! Here is the before. Cute, but ready for a makeover.
striped bookshelf before makeover
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Repurposed Furniture for the Home Office

As much as I would love to go out and buy new furniture every time I decide to redo a room, that’s just never been in the budget for us. Never. So, I have learned over the years to use what I have. For the longest time that meant every room looked like a thrift store threw up – mismatched stuff everywhere. Then, I learned the power of paint. I showed you a couple of weeks ago how I transformed a cheapo bookshelf with some diy chalk type paint and some pretty wrapping paper. Today I want to share a couple of other pieces. First up the desk.


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The HomeRight Small Spray Shelter

I love using spray paint to give things new life! What I don’t love is the mess I tend to make with it! HA! There really are only about two days out of every year that the weather is perfect for spray painting outdoors here in Oklahoma. No, seriously. So, when I saw these lovely spray shelters from Homeright I was super excited.

HomeRight small spray shelter

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