Reclaimed Wood Planked Reset Ceiling {Be Like Joanna}

Hey there! Are there any Fixer Upper fans out there?? You know you love it!! So, I’m a couple of weeks behind but as I was watching the bachelor pad show a few nights back, I had to stop and rewind and watch again. Did you see that kitchen?? How about the reclaimed wood everywhere?? But, more specifically the reset ceiling that was planked with it??
I paused again and called my hubby in and said “look”!!

You see a while back (2 years ago) when I was updating our kitchen bit by bit, we finally got around to addressing this ugly light box thing.

Although I would have loved to remove the soffits and take all the ceiling back to regular height, we knew from previous experience in this house that probably meant moving electrical lines at the least. Which meant $$$ we didn’t have. 

So, I thought long and hard on a simple solution that we could DIY. I decided on planking it in some way.
Maybe creating a coffered look.


And then one day as I walked into the kitchen and saw our newly updated breakfast bar I had a flash!

Yes! Carry the reclaimed wood to the ceiling and tie it all together!! Honestly it is one of my favorite parts of the kitchen!

So, there you have it folks! The time I did something before Joanna!! Ha! [although I’m sure someone did it before me ;)] Have a wonderful day!!

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Plans For 2016

How is it possibly Friday already!?! Like many of you I’m sure, I have been busy reclaiming my house after Christmas. I don’t know about you but for me there just seems to be things stuffed everywhere during December. And by January I feel like I must clean out all the stuff before the walls close in on me!!
I’ve been thinking a lot about the direction things will be headed in 2016 and I’ve nailed down a few things that I would like to accomplish.

Personal Goals
*Get more fit. I don’t need to run a marathon or lose a ton of weight. I just want to be able to walk up a couple flights of stairs without being out of breath. Or be able to hold a light fixture above my head without my arms feeling like they are going to fall off.
*Be more hospitable. I enjoy having people in our home. But, we never do it. I can always come up with some lame excuse why. But, I feel like the Lord is calling me to be more open.
Home Goals
There are really only a few things left on my master list to get our home to where I would like it to be style wise. I am super excited about this!!
*Freshen hallway – new paint for walls and trim, and finish panel treatments for all those doors, and possibly new lighting. I am also planning on getting a ton of family photos out of boxes and on the walls!
*Master closet makeover – this will be a full gut job and rebuild. Custom and DIY.
*Master bath details – just a few finishing touches that need to be done – trim paint, window treatment, wall decor, and maybe a shower door.
*Organizing – I’ve done a lot of organizing in our home over the past few years, and we are leaps and bounds from where we used to be. But, there are a few things that have been neglected – the tedious things – photos (both printed and digital), CDs, DVDs, kids keepsakes, our keepsakes. I’m hopeful to make it through a lot this year, but we shall see!!
*Landscaping – this one seems to be on the list every year. It seems to be one step forward and two steps back with our yard. We lost lots of tree limbs and possibly a medium tree that anchors the corner of our house in front. We will see how she fairs in the spring. 
*Home repairs – we have some bigger, more boring things that we may have to spend money on this year – ugh – the fun part of owning your own home. 
Business Goals
*Blog more – I love to write here and share both projects and family things! You may even be seeing more crafty things. 🙂
*Craft more – I am researching and considering opening an etsy shop or a booth at a local craft mall. I love to do all kinds of crafts and would love to be able to use my creative skills everyday. (wow, there, I put that out there now I’m accountable to y’all about that. trying new things scares me. the possibility of failure sometimes paralyzes me from doing anything. I am working on trusting the Lord’s leading and His power to put one foot in front of the other.)
So, how about you?? Any big plans for 2016? Anybody else venturing out and trying something new? 


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Top 10 Posts of 2015

Hey there! I hope everyone had a great Christmas! I know we sure did! Blessings upon blessings!

I always like to take a minute and look back over the past year as the new year is approaching. And, today I’d like to do that with you by sharing the top 10 most viewed posts of 2015 ranked by you the reader! 🙂

Let the countdown begin!

#10 Patio Reveal – Our patio got a lovely update this year and we are using the space so much more than before!

#9 Tween Boy Bedroom – I love making spaces tailored to the taste of my kids!

#8 How To ‘Slipcover’ an Ottoman – Great deals are my favorite and this one was no exception!

#7 Stenciled Entryway – a stencil and a little paint brought new life to this small space.

#6 Painted Brick Fireplace Surround – I spent years going back and forth on painting the brick, and when I finally got my nerve up I wonder why I waited so long!

#5 Bright and Fun Teen Girls Room – Another fun kids space just for my girl, filled with DIY!

#4 Freshening Up The Curb Appeal For Spring – bringing in some instant color in the spring with perennials.

#3 Bathroom Makeover – my One Room Challenge project this fall was a big hit!

#2 Ribbon Makeover – such a simple and budget friendly solution to make what you have work with your new space.

and last but not least, one of my favorite projects and yours – 

#1 DIY Floating Mantel – this was easier than expected with maximum impact!

The one thing I would love to pass on to you from 2015 is two-fold: don’t be afraid to try a DIY – you never know if you can until you try!! And, don’t let budget constraints keep you from making your house a home – look at it as a challenge to be creative!! 

My goal here at frazzled JOY is to demonstrate how both of these things are possible! Wishing you and yours a happy new year!!

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My One Room Challenge Favorites – Fall 2015

I spent the weekend resting and recovering from the One Room Challenge and perusing all the other wonderful guest participants reveals!! Wow! There is a lot of talent out there folks! And yesterday I took the house back! Man, I don’t know about you, but when I’m in project mode the rest of the house gets neglected! So, today I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite ORC challenge makeovers with you today! Go and check them out for yourself! You will surely be inspired!

First up bedrooms. Here are some dreamy spaces for you to check out!

Kids rooms are always near and dear to my heart, as I have designed several over the years. Kris designed a beautiful coastal inspired space for her daughter.



And, Jenny put together this precious space for her daughter.


Of course this lovely master bedroom from Kristi is one you don’t want to miss.


And, lastly, who wouldn’t want to be a guest in this room by Green Street.


Next up are my bathroom buddies! Ha – weird nickname I know. I was amazed at how many people tackled bathrooms this time around, and many with much more ambitious to-do lists than mine!

First up is my biggest ORC cheerleader Ange who knocked this reno out of the park. Just check out this gorgeous master bath!


Next up is another budget concious makeover from Sarah that started out with red walls just like mine and now looks like this.


Paint is amazing!

Next up is this cute space by Jenny at Refresh Living. Love that wall treatment!


And yet another remade space from Nancy at Slightly Coastal. More fun wall treatment and check out that ceiling! You won’t believe how she did it!


And lastly, Krista from The Happy Housie transformed her bathroom with a little bit of paint and some next accesories!


You don’t want to click away yet! There is more inspiration to be had! There were 100+ bloggers who linked up for this challenge!! 

Next some utility spaces!!

I am so inspired to renovate our master closet after seeing these next two reveals! (This might be my next ORC project ;)) First up this amazing closet designed and built by Melissa.


And this closet from Hey Fitzy is chalk full of ideas as well!


I love this laundry room redo by Around the Watts House. It is both functional and beautiful!


And if you are looking for garage organization ideas you need to check out this makeover by Sypsie Designs. Another pretty and funcitional space!


Well, that’s it for today folks! I hope to be back this week to share a tutorial or two with you from our bathroom redo

Y’all already know there was a lot of DIY going on in there!! Thanks for stopping by and enjoy all of the inspiration, and be sure to check out all the before’s because most of these rooms came a long way!

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Feeling Fallish

I woke up this morning to a gentle rain. A rain that had “cooled” us off at least for the day. (100’s in the forecast for several days :-/) And for some reason my thoughts went to fall. I’m not trying to rush things by any means. I’m still not really ready for school to start, but it’s August and I can’t deny that it’s going to happen anymore. So, I sat at my computer and started scheming dreaming for fall.

Things like orange, yellow, and red

Home is Where The Boat Is

and Plaid

Stone Gable

and Pumpkins

The Butlers

and Jackets and Boots

Polka Dots and Leopard Spots

and Scarfs

Glam Radar

and Soup

The Pioneer Woman

Beautiful, Colorful, Warm, Cozy, Comfortable Fall. No need to hurry, but I’ll be here waiting when you come.  

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