We’ve Come a Long Way Baby

Hey friends! As I was sifting through old photographs, looking for pics of my kids when they were little, I came across some pics of our house on move in day. Wow. I remember when we moved in. I was 7 months pregnant = huge, with a 5 year old and a 3 year old in tow. We were adding around 500 sq ft of space for our family with this home, as well as adding a lot of other features our old house didn’t have. Even though a lot of the décor wasn’t to our liking I certainly remember thinking “it’s nice enough that I can live with it for a time”.
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Top Ten Posts of 2016 @ frazzled JOY

I love looking back at this time of year! Seeing all the things that we accomplished, all the changes, all the blessings. Truly one of my favorite things! Today, I’m going to share with you the top ten most popular posts from frazzled JOY during 2016. Maybe you’re new and you’ve missed some of these. Be sure to click through the links and check out the original posts!! Enjoy!

The top ten most popular posts at frazzled JOY in 2016.

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Christmas at frazzled JOY 2016

Happy Wednesday to you!! I hope you’re crushing this hump day! This time of year the to do lists just keep growing. Lots of coffee is getting me through day to day!! How about you? Christmas is one of my favorite times in blogland! Seriously the number of beautiful homes filled with inspiration is limitless!! I could get lost for hours scrolling through all the gorgeous pictures!
Many times all that scrolling can bring feelings of doubt and insecurity. That green monster of envy that creeps up in us. Yes, I’ve felt it too. It used to be a real stumbling block for me. To the point that I didn’t want to go over to friends houses because it just reminded me of all the things I didn’t have…and then God got a hold of me. (don’t you love it when He steps in?) He gently reminded me of all my blessings and with His help I was able to refocus my energy on being thankful for what I had rather than coveting what others had. I love design and decorating and I’m always looking for new and fun ways to change up our home. So, now when I look at all those pictures I see inspiration rather than envy. Which is why we bloggers put out all those pretty pictures – to inspire, not to brag. 😉  Because, we will all be the first to tell you about all the junk we cropped out to make that photo look so good!! So, I hope that today you are inspired!! (Ok, needed to get that out! Thanks for letting me ramble!!)
Christmas at frazzled JOY just keeps getting simpler. Each year I pull less and less out of my tubs. I may buy a couple of things here and there to craft something, or after Christmas, but honestly I just reuse and reimagine things I’ve had for years! (budget friendly decorating here 😉 )
Ok, ok, time for me to hush and move on with the tour!! Welcome y’all, and come on in!!
Welcome and come on in to see our home decked out for Christmas
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2015 Christmas Home Tour

Merry Christmas friends! I finally found the time to get the house photographed for a Christmas tour! I had so much fun decorating some of our new spaces this year! I used only what we had with the one exception of the mantel. I crafted a couple of things with supplies on hand, and just got creative with what I pulled out of storage. As usual not much is exactly the same! 🙂

Welcome and come in!

First up the family room. The new lighter wall color and of course the painted brick makes this whole room lighter and brighter!

You saw the mantel last week, but here’s the big picture.

Our tree – no color scheme here, just a tree loaded down with memories. (and maybe leaning to the side just a bit)

I added in some large c-7 bulbs this year to brighten up the dark spots, because honestly I just did not have the patience to fix another strand of lights! But, I really like the look, especially at night.

I hung this mirror here a few months back and it has been a hit with the fam! All dressed up for Christmas with a simple felt snowflake garland (DIY), and my favorite nativity that my mom gifted me with years ago (hand-painted by her). 

My chalkboard door got adorned with another DIY – a star boxwood wreath. I followed this simple tutorial here.


I set-up an extra side table in the corner of the dining area to hold a small tree adorned with lights and another nativity.

A few simple accents in the kitchen.

And here and there.

Our newly updated bathroom sprinkled with some red accents and some twinkly lights.


I really love this time of year in our home. But, not because of all the decorations. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I LOVE twinkly lights, but that’s not the focus. We do our best to keep our minds and hearts focused on THE reason for the season. You can see I sprinkle reminders everywhere! 

So thankful for God’s great love sent to earth in the form of this little baby. 

I might be a little scarce between now and January, family comes first, and we all know December is jammed packed with activities of one kind or another!! Merry Christmas!!

 photo Blessingssignature_zps514a1303.png

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