December in Review {Insta-Style}

I wanted to take a moment and blog about the behind the scenes happenings in my family this month.  December always zips along at a fast and furious pace, but it is always filled with family fun.  So, this is going to be a snapshot of December Insta-style.  🙂

Starting with a Christmas children’s choir concert at church.
Followed by a school orchestra Christmas concert – yes that is my daughter behind the music stand.  No matter where I sat I could not see anything but the music stand…
My girl went to her first high school dance…what??
Dinner date with this dude – yes he asked for teeth for Christmas – still haven’t came.
Anniversary celebrations – 20th engagement anniversary 🙂
Christmas movie watching – lots of this – Charlie Brown is my favorite.
Candlelight Christmas Eve service – love.
Christmas light looking in our Christmas PJ’s – yeah that’s how we roll.
Snow?  Yes snow, on Christmas day – not quite the 6-8 inches they were predicting but hey, snow is snow.  (The weathermen here get really excited when predicting snow, it’s like a contest.)


Happy Birthday Jesus pancakes and…
Happy Birthday Jesus cake – decorated by my daughter the up and coming cake decorator.
Hope your December was filled with lots of warm family memories.  I am working on a list of home goals for 2013.  It’s really long right now so I need to pare down.  My chunking stuff I don’t need, more organizing, more making my home function for my family.
Blessings to you and yours!!
 life rearranged
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December 2012 Bucket List


I am excited that the Christmas season is here!!  I Love Christmas time, but really who doesn’t??  I am working on getting the decorating done and hope to show you some of that in the next few days.  But, I have been thinking about all the fun I hope to have this month so I thought I would share with you my December Bucket List.


Of course I kinda cheated with that last one because that encompasses a lot of our family activities for the month 🙂
I hope that you take time and make a plan of action for the month to spend time together as a family.  It’s so easy to get caught up in the business, the hustle and bustle and forget to take a minute to enjoy the beauty and the spirit of the season.  We started this last year – making some intentional plans – and it was wonderful!!
Have a blessed day!!
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17??? Oh. My. Word.

Today this boy turns 17…how is that even possible? He stole my heart 17 years ago and to this day he still takes my breath away. I am so proud of the man he is becoming.  Day by day allowing God to shape him and mold him.  Today I am collaborating with my husband to share 17 things we love about our first born – Garrett.
17. His adorable crooked smile, which he hates, but which reminds me of his grandpa – who had the same exact smile 🙂
16. He is an awesome big brother!
15.  His humbleness.  He may be the best and brightest in the room but he would never say so.
14. His compassion – his is a bleeding heart like his momma – always hurting for the left behind and left out.


13. His determination – 2nd place is never okay.
12. He’s a teacher – always willing to share knowledge with others.



11.  His love for the Lord.


10.  His passion.


9.  His faithfulness.
8.  His unwavering confidence in who God has created him to be.


7.  His understanding and appreciation of the simple things in life.
6.  He supports and encourages his sister and brothers.
5.  His strength to stand strong in his opinions and convictions even if he is alone.
4.  He enjoys just sitting and talking.  He appreciates relationships with people.
3. His faith-based outlook on life. He truly believes & knows in his heart that God has a plan for him.
2.  His good ‘ol down home common sense. 🙂
1.  The fact that at the end of the day, when all is said and done, he loves his momma soooo much.
Happy Birthday Garrett!!  We love you and are so proud of you!!
 (In case you couldn’t guess 1-8 are from my husband and 9-17 are from me :))
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It’s All About Orange

Well, if you were hoping to see the finished product of our entryway project you will have to check back in a couple of days.  Because we are amateur DIYer’s we of course had a hiccup that delayed things a bit, and then of course life and family fun took precedent over finishing :).


But, I wanted to share some fun times we had this weekend.  First up was what we OSU (Oklahoma State University) alumni call “Walk Around”.  Fancy name huh?  Yes, well this is a homecoming tradition at OSU.  Rather than floats the fraternities and sororities create “house decs” and on Friday night before the homecoming game, they shut down the streets around the house and EVERYONE comes out to “walk around” and check them out.  It is quite a scene!!  Here is a glimpse…


It is a sea of orange everywhere you look!!  LOVE!!  You see we’re not crazy, my husband and I both graduated from OSU and we have raised all our kids to love OSU and yes orange!!
Because orange truly is the happiest color 🙂


 We spent Saturday watching the game, carving pumpkins, and recovering from our Friday night fun.



The biggins’ have yet to carve their pumpkins…I hope they don’t think they’re too big for that…
Here is the finished products all lit up.



 I love October…it’s the one month of the year when everyone seems to like orange 🙂
I leave you with a collage of pics from the walk around.  It’s amazing what they can create with chicken wire and tissue paper.
Blessings to you and…Orange!!
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Happy 11th Birthday!!

This boy is 11 today…
Isn’t he a cutie?! There are so many wonderful things about Caleb but I’m going to borrow my friend Jennifer’s idea and share 11 today…since today is his 11th birthday 🙂  And what a coincidence that it was her Caleb’s 11th birthday when she wrote that post.  I hope you don’t mind me borrowing your idea Jennifer I love it!!
11.  Caleb is the one child out of our four with fair skin and blond hair – meaning he looks most like Van and I both when we were little.  We were actually quite surprised that the others weren’t born with blond hair.

10.  See that sweet smile?  It is almost always there.  He is so easy-going, nothing much phases him.

9.  The attempt at the serious face cracks me up.  He would like for you to think that this is who he really is, but in all reality he is incredibly compassionate.

8.  His giggle is contagious.  See there, he’s about to laugh, can’t hold the tough face for long 😉

7.  He has the most precious heart!!  He loovveess to snuggle.
 6. He is a great student. He does his best all the time.
 5. He is a great soccer player! Dad is so happy 🙂
4. He’s creative. He is a great artist, and loves to build things.
 3. He is a hard worker. Always ready to lend a hand to his Dad.
2. He loves music!  I love to hear him sing out praises to The Lord, or play the piano, it blesses my heart!

1.  He loves Jesus!!  And to me, there’s nothing better than that.

Happy Birthday Caleb!!  I love you!!

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