An Open Letter To My Graduating Senior {Thoughtful Thursday}

Hey there friends! Well, here we are again. Preparing for another high school graduation. It seems like yesterday that we just did this, but in reality it was two years ago!! Time moves so quickly these days, that I feel I must pay close attention or it will all become a blur. 
There is something that happens to us mamas when are babies are about to leave the nest. It’s odd, and hard to explain, but it’s real. It happened two years ago and it’s happening again. 


So, I am writing this letter to my graduate to try to make some sense of this strange phenomenon.
My Dear Graduate,
The days are growing near for your high school days to be completed. The next couple of months are going to be filled with fun and celebration. I’m so proud of the person you are becoming, and am so excited for the journey you are about to embark on. 
However, my emotions are all jumbled up. And some days I don’t feel so excited. 
Some days I will be hard. Raising the bar, picking on you for all the little things you need to do better. When I get this way, just know that I am so proud of you. I’m just trying to make sure you know all the things you need to know before you leave.
Some days I will be sad. Memories of you over the past 18 years flood my mind often. The thought of you being away from home for 9+ months out of the year is not appealing to me. When I get this way, remember I’m excited but I’m going to miss you.
Some days I will stare at you a little longer. Don’t be weirded out by this. I haven’t lost my mind. I am studying you. Imprinting your very being into my brain to make sure I don’t forget a single detail about you.
Some days I will need an extra hug or two. After all, I need to stock up. When I get extra clingy, please don’t be annoyed by me. Just know that I love you…and hug me back.
Some days I will retreat. I’m not mad. You didn’t do anything wrong. Yes I love you and I love spending time with you. But, some days the emotions are all just too overwhelming and I need to be by myself for a while to process…or maybe to cry a few tears. 
This transition time is difficult for both of us. But, it is good. God has a plan, and He is working it out in you. And He is working it out in me. 

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Another Year Older

A couple of months ago our oldest turned 20. And just this weekend our daughter turned 18. 18 and 20? How is that possible?? Seriously it was just yesterday that they came home from the hospital right? 

It’s hard not to have all the feelings when these milestones occur. The past 18 years seem like such a blur. 

This year has been filled with all the senior things. Ordering cap and gown. Preparing her senior salute for the yearbook. Senior pictures. Applying for college. And soon, all these things will conclude with senior prom (of course), finals, graduation, baccalaureate, senior Sunday at our church, all the final church youth trips for the summer, and the end all – moving to college.

This is not our first time to do this – send a kid to college – but even still, I know it won’t be easy. She is our only daughter. I know the space she will leave behind will be large. And yes, I know it’s not forever, but we will be forever changed. 

Changed by her presence, and changed by her absence. 

Children are a gift from the Lord…(Psalm 127:3 NLT).  I have cherished every moment of these past 18 years, and I look forward to what the next 18+ bring. 

Love you sweet daughter of mine!!

All the beautiful senior pics were taken by Caitlin Boswell. If you are in the Oklahoma City area, check her out! She is amazing, sweet, and very talented!

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How’d We Do In 2015

Good morning friends and Happy New Year! 

I’ve never been one to write down goals in the past, but here on the blog I have. And, honestly, it’s interesting to go back and look at where I was a year ago and where I am now.

Here are my bullet points from last year

  • Spending more time with my Lord.  Reading the Bible and in prayer.  Working on refocusing my attention away from worldly things.
  • Family Room update – there are lots of ideas swimming around in my head for this room, many of which were re-kindled after seeing this year’s HGTV dream home.  Have you seen it?  Cape Cod beach home at it’s finest!
  • Kids/Guest Bath overhaul – this involves plumbing, tiling, and building. It may actually happen sooner than later, since I think I discovered a leak yesterday…
  • Pressing on with JOY through all the breakdowns.  And, I’m not talking emotional ones.  Although there may be a couple of those too if things don’t stop breaking down – appliances, cars, other house things like leaks.

So, how’d we do? My #1 has been off and on if I’m being honest. So, that is still a major goal – to be more consistent with my walk with God.

#2 – Many, many things happened in our family room this year!! The bones are completed, and some of the fluff. Furniture would be nice when the budget allows.  Always the budget..

#3 – The bathroom got a great makeover that did not include plumbing, tiling, and just a little bit of building. I would love to check these bigger parts of the reno off my list this year, but we will see – again with the budget.

#4 – I can honestly say that about 75% of the time I was able to press on without being overwhelmingly frustrated with life. The joy was truthfully there about 50% of the time. We have continued to deal with plenty of breakdowns – mostly centered around cars – praying 2016 is more positive in this area. 

So, overall, not too bad for 2015!!  This year presents a whole realm of emotional challenges – daughter graduating and starting college, middle son starting high school, you know just kids getting way too big in general!! Stop, or maybe just pause. Kiddos went back to school today, so I might be back with more thoughts and/or plans for 2016 in a couple of days. 🙂 Keep pressing on friends!!

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Hello There!

Hello there my friends! It’s been a great summer here and I hope it was for you as well! The kids are in their second week of school this year and we are all adjusting to the schedule. I have so many things to share with you! I plan to get back to a more regular posting schedule after my boy goes back to Boston next week. I have missed writing here! Today I just thought I would pop in and share how the family is doing! 🙂 

My senior is a part time high school student and a part time online college student. I love having her home! There is such a delicate balance between not enough together time and too much, am I right?? A balance we are learning, but I am soaking up the extra time with her knowing that college is drawing ever closer. We have been busy scheduling senior pictures, college visits and all that fun stuff!

My big boy is still with us for a few more days. Always happy to have him a little longer than most college students, since when he heads back to Boston he won’t be home again until Thanksgiving. 🙁 I’m hoping it will be a little easier to send him off this year, but I’m not counting on it.  

My ‘little’ guys started 7th and 8th grade this year! I cannot believe that they are getting so big! When I think into the future and start counting the years I start to panic, so really I try to avoid that as much as possible!! Both are running cross country and playing in the band, and playing soccer. I love that they can do things together and that they really get along great most of the time – such a blessing.

So, that’s what’s happening with the kiddos. Hubby and I have been doing a lot of talking/thinking/dreaming/scheming about the future. There have been a lot few bumps in the road this year that could have easily stolen our joy. But, even though these things have been very frustrating we hold fast to our Hope. We go on a walk together almost everyday. Not only is it good exercise it gives us a chance to have an uninterrupted conversation about our day and whatever might be on our minds. It’s my favorite time. 🙂 

Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised is faithful. -Hebrews 10:23 (NASB)

Thankful for our family and the love we share.

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