Outdoor Rearranging

So, when we returned from our fabulous vacation, we had several days of rain, and finally a couple of dry days – dry enough to put up our ‘redneck’ pool!!  I love it and so do the kids!  As we were setting up the pool and getting out all the pool ‘accessories’ I was reminded that I needed a better way to organize things.  
I really haven’t done anything on our patio for a couple of years because I have this vision that requires several purchases and quite a bit of labor.  Both of which are not close to the top of the list right now.  So, I’ve been kind of stuck.  
But, I just recently read The Nester’s book – and I was convicted.  I have embraced the inside of my home, and have been making it ours right now where we are, with what we have.  But, I just hadn’t got past what I wanted outside…until now. 
I decided that it needed to be more functional for our family for the summer, and I needed to work with what I had.  Here is kind of where I started (you know, I tore into it and then remembered I would want a ‘before’ pic :)).
outdoor summer patio
decluttering the outdoor patio space
I decided to move the table to the other side of the patio, and use the area closest to the door for pool stuff organization.  I had purchased some solar lights last summer and never hung them, so those found a home.  Things were shuffled around and it all ended like this.
Patio update using all the space
I had found a few stumps, several years back and they have been neglected living on my back patio since.  They got a new home next to my lounge chair.  They have already been used as tables and seats!  
patio ready for summer
The pool stuff mostly found homes on the wall. 
Hanging storage for swim supplies.
Everything you see that I already had except for the hooks – found those on clearance at Hobby Lobby – $10 for both.
Organized swim supplies
The wire baskets are actually for flowers, but they work great for water balls and diving things (except the diving sticks fall out through the bottom – but that’s okay).  I found a couple of hooks in my garage and attached them to the wall to hold the goggles.
This is such a better system compared to the large bucket we had last year that you had to dig through to find anything, and the towels and swimsuits were just draped over the chairs – making them unusable.  Loving it and SO glad I fixed up the patio even though I don’t have exactly what I want!!
Patio ready for summer
I am soaking up every minute of summer with my kiddos!!  They aren’t getting any younger, and I want more and more to enjoy every second!!

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Lamp Makeover

Well, high school graduation is over and we only have one more week of school before summer begins!!  I’m not totally sure I’m ready for kids full-time yet, but I am ready for some slower mornings, and less busy schedules.  How about you??  Are you ready??

Today I want to share with you how I made-over the lamps in our master bedroom update.  I have to say this was one of my favorite projects in the room, and the one that had me waffling up to the very last day – no joke.

I liked a lot of things about these lamps.  1.) I already owned them.  2.) Thin profile. and 3.) Tall enough to be useful.  

However, when I started making changes in the room I quickly realized that the coloring of the lamp and the shade were not going to work.  I shopped around A.LOT. for other options, lamps and shades alike.  And finally (like the day before the reveal) I decided to keep the lamp and modify it to better fit the room, and change up the shades.  So I pulled out some metallic brushed nickel spray paint that I had in my garage (purchased for another project I never finished), and gave the lamp base and finial a quick coat.  

Then, I used some jute (also on hand) and started wrapping the stem.  Using a dot of hot glue here and there to make sure the rope stayed put. When I finished wrapping, I wanted a little more detail, so I made a diagonal pass around from top to bottom, and then another diagonal pass around from bottom to top which created this cool X pattern.

Happy with that, I moved on to the shades. These shades met all my criteria:  height, skinny, color and price.  I found them at Hobby Lobby and of course they were 50% off!! So, $20 for two shades, not bad.

The only issue was, as you can see in the picture, they are meant to be pendant shades.  I thought at first I could just flip them over and sit them on the bulb.  But…when I tested that I realized there was a slight taper in the width of the shade from top to bottom, which made it very evident that the shade was upside-down…  This is what I had that needed to somehow be made to fit on a harp and finial fitting.

So, off to the garage I went for plan B.  I found some large washers that were a perfect fit.  

With just a dab of super glue around the edges I attached one washer to the top of the piece and one to the under-side.  And voila!!

I had a bonus surprise when I unwrapped the plastic from the shades!  They have just a hint of sparkle on them.  It was hard to photograph, but you can kind of see it here.

I literally stared at them for days, every time I walked into the room, because of the amazing difference!!  Love them so much and they are the perfect accessory in the room!!  

Here’s another look at the before and after just because I think they are so fun. 🙂

Sometimes I am way too hasty to just think I need new, when really the old just needs a little re-thinking. 🙂 Happy Monday friends!!

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One Room Challenge Link Up Week 1 – Master Bedroom

I am taking a break from the kitchen remodel.  I am very close to crossing off all the things on my list, but the last few items are going to be a little time consuming and are going to require hubbies help.  

So…I am both excited and terrified to join as a linking participant with Linda at Calling It Home for the One Room Challenge!!  The challenge is pick a room and make it over in six weeks.  Six weeks people!!  Now you see why I am excited/terrified :).

I followed Pam at Simple Details last year as she worked through a couple of these challenges and it looked like a fun way to spur myself on to finish a project.  So, I wavered back and forth for several days.  I even asked my hubby what he thought, since I will need his muscle for a couple of things I have planned. And, in the end, I couldn’t come up with a good enough excuse not to try.  So, here goes.

I’ll be making over our master bedroom.  This room really hasn’t been decorated since we moved in.  Doesn’t that seem to be the case?  I mean really all you need is a bed and somewhere to stuff your clothes, right?  But, wouldn’t it be nice to have a lovely place to begin and end your day?  My list is long peeps, and I know it will probably not get done, because there is a timeline and a budget.  But, at least I will be further along then when I started.  (warning – lots of pics = long post :))

Here are some images that have stirred my imagination.


source unknown – pinterest


You can see I’m kind of all over the place with inspiration.  But, trust me I do have some specific things planned.  I promise.  Some specifics are dependant on how other specifics go.  For me, designing a room is a fluid process.  I have to see things in place before I can progress.  So…with that said…six weeks??

Oh ya, before pics.  Not terrible, but not great.

Yes, that would be our hotel master bathroom right there out in the open for everyone.  (terrible lighting – grainy pics, sorry) I will have to address this area to some degree since it is on display.  I have thoughts.

Here is the bed all dressed up for winter.  The biggest question right now is – will I keep the red???  It’s one of those – I loved it when I bought it, but a few years later I’m not sure.  This one has me stumped.  It’s a process peeps.

Thanks for following along friends!!

Follow the progress:

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Updating Thrifted Frames

As promised, I am back today to share with you how I updated my thrift-store frames. Yesterday I shared how I gave the mats from the frames new life, today we are going to focus on the frames.
updating thrifted frames
I spent some time in the beginning, looking at the frames, and deciding what I thought would be the best treatment for each.  Here are the before pics just for a reminder.  I have numbered the frames (based on the treatment used) in the before and after collages so you can get an idea of the transformation.
thrifted frames beforethrifted frames before
These are the supplies I chose to use for my make-overs.  All I had on hand aside from the Rub-N-Buff.
paint chosen for updating thrifted frames
1. Treatment #1 simply involved using the Gold Leaf Rub-N-Buff to highlight the details in the frames.
rub n buff for wood frame accent
wood frame updated with rub n buff
wood frame updated with rub n buff
For the large frame, I used the Rub-N-Buff to cover up the majority of the red accents that no longer match our home decor.
large frame updated with rub n buff
2. Treatment #2 involved first painting the frames with the black acrylic paint, then a quick spray of the clear sealer, and then again using the Rub-N-Buff to cover, and accent.
frame updated with black paint and rub n buff
frame painted black with rub n buff accents
thrifted frame painted black
I had two 8×10 frames that were very plain, so they got a little extra attention.  You can see in the photo above that after the black paint and clear sealer, I measured and taped off each corner.  Then I applied the Rub-N-Buff to each corner of the frame and there ya go!  I did give the corners another light coat of the clear sealer as well.
thrifted frames updated with gold rub n buff corners
3. Treatment #3 was another easy one.  The frames were simply sprayed with several light coats of spray paint.  I love this color it is called Blue Ocean Breeze.  That name even sounds lovely doesn’t it??
spray paint thrifted frame
All of that together, combined with updating the mats and you have this finished result!!
thrifted frames for a gallery wall
thrifted frames updated for a gallery wall
I hope that you are inspired to make a few stops at your local thrift stores for some frames!!  After that – get creative and see where it might take you!!  Thanks for stopping by today :).

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Easy Updates For Old Photo Mats

Hey friends!!  Hope everyone is getting to enjoy some warmer weather!!  I wanted to share with you some simple and inexpensive ways to update old photo mats today.

I shared with you that when I was thrifting for my gallery wall frames, one of the things on my list were frames that came with mats.  I didn’t really care what the mats looked like necessarily because I had a plan.  My plan included some very basic tools.

My cutting mat, craft knife, glue stick, gold pain pen, and some scrapbook paper leftover from my DIY letter art project.

The single layer mats simply got covered with paper.  

For this one I just overlapped the paper in the corners a little to give it that Log-Cabin look (quilting reference:)).

For the double-layer mats like this one, I had to do some thinking about how to fix the inside layer. 

Some of them were two pieces and could have been taken apart.  But, I loved the rich look of the layers so…

I pulled out my trusty gold paint pen and started coloring!

Way better!!  The the top layer got covered with more scrapbook paper.

For this one, and a couple of others, I decided to miter the corners.  

It took me less than an hour to do six mats.  Way better than buying new ones, and these are way cuter than most you could buy in the store!! 

I’ll be back tomorrow to show you some ways to update old picture frames as well!!  As always, thanks for stopping by!!

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