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I hope everyone had a great Labor Day weekend.  We were blessed with an extra day yesterday as the kids were out of school!!  I mentioned in my last post about my no spend September, that we were going to clean out the attic – ya didn’t happen.  As with most repairs, home, car or otherwise, things did not go smoothly – parts had to be ordered, wrong parts were ordered, blah, blah, blah. So, the garage – where the access to the attic is, was occupied by my sons truck most of the weekend. Oh well – life happens :).

One thing I have learned about organizing spaces in my house is that labels are essential.  Because, to be honest, even if I know where things go no one else does and things don’t end up back where they belong.  So, I finished up a couple of organization projects yesterday with labels.  I had organized the cabinet in my kids bathroom over a year ago – but again, no labels.  

I have cleaned it out many, many, times and only recently realized the problem.  

Baskets and buckets and drawers are great, but if they don’t know where things are “supposed” to go they will not take the time to look for like items or try to remember where they got it, but instead they will stuff it in whatever container they see first, or they will merely stuff it on the shelf next to the bucket…. ugh!!

I decided the easiest, quickest, most cost effective (free) method to labeling these plastic containers I purchased from dollar tree when I first organized this cabinet over a year ago, was to use a sharpie.  

A handy tip you might not know – need to get sharpie off any plastic or laminated surface – simply color over the top of it with a dry erase marker, and both will easily wipe off!!

So, here it is in the finished form – with labels.

It’s working well so far.  😉

I also finished up a project I shared with you earlier. My dreaded “craft” closet.  I use that term loosely because really it holds a lot of things.  Here’s a before and after shot for your viewing pleasure.
I will share with you the organization process for this closet in the next day or two.  Now that is is labeled and I can actually get into the closet I am sooo excited!!

How about you do you label your spaces after you organize?  It seemed a bit ridiculous to me at first, but now I understand why it is necessary 🙂

Blessings to you and yours.  More no spend projects on the way.

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No Spend September

This is a little bit off my regular posts, but here goes.  Our budget is being readjusted since I am no longer receiving a paycheck.  🙂  We never budgeted any of the regular living expenses considering my contribution, however it was always there to take up the slack and fill in for the extras.  The summer months and August has kicked our tails.  Considering some extra traveling my hubby and my oldest did in prep for college, and all the nickel and dime back to school expenses, and oh I don’t think I mentioned on here that my daughter is back doing her gymnastics thing (and let me tell you that ain’t free or cheap), oh and I’m pretty sure all three of our cars need some sort of work done.  The enemy {satan} has a very good way of putting doubts in your head – I know I am totally in God’s will by quitting my job and staying home, but the money thing will always make you wonder – God is bigger people I promise.  We got two checks this week that were not planned – just enough to take care of a couple of necessities.  And yes, I know I could just put it on my visa card – but I’m tired of rolling like that, it’s a never-ending cycle that goes nowhere.

I have been inspired this month by Sarah’s no spend August.  I have been reading all month all the things that she was able to accomplish, projects she has had on the list for a while but just hadn’t gotten to.  I decided to make a list of things that I had been wanting to do that would only take time and not money.  It was a considerable list peeps!!

So, I have decided to do my part to help with the budget recovery.  I have seen no-spend months done in lots of different ways.  My goal is to not spend on any extras – so that means no eating out, no entertainment, no impulse buys all month.  Yes, we do have a birthday this month – so gifts, and a dinner out will have to be planned for – but it will be planned for :).  Hopefully this will help level things out and allow us to put back some money for Christmas.

Like I said I have a whole list of projects to choose from to keep me busy that don’t require spending any money, and I can’t wait to share with you the progress.

This lovely four day Labor Day weekend we will be starting off our no-spend month by my hubby working on the car himself instead of paying someone else to do it, and hopefully cleaning out the attic!!  Wahoo!!  We will also be spending time with very dear and long time friends – can’t wait for that!!  Anyone else have some great Labor Day projects ready to go??

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