Happy Blogiversary to Me and a Giveaway for You!!

Soooo….I was asked lately how long I’d been blogging and I honestly didn’t know. So, I checked my blogroll and realized that it’s been 5 years since I first hit “publish”!!   😯  It honestly doesn’t feel like that long at all! I love having this creative space where I can share projects, ideas, thoughts, and encouragement with others!

Happy blogiversary giveaway

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What’s In Store For 2017?

It’s that time of year! The beginning. The time when many people take a look ahead, and dream. Making plans and lists of things they want to accomplish in the new year. How about you?? Do you plan, dream, write down goals?? Until I started blogging, I never really did much of this. Having this space has caused me to be a little more intentional about the direction of my life. So, today let’s look at what’s in store here at frazzled JOY in 2017!
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How’d We Do In 2016?

Each year here @ frazzled JOY I share with you some goals. Things that I am aiming to accomplish in the year. And at the end of the year I take some time to review that list and see how we did. So, that’s what we’re doing today – looking back at 2016!


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Coming Soon to a Blog Near You! {this blog that is ;)}

Our kids are finally back in school and we are all starting to get back into a rhythm again. Which means I can get back to DIYing. I’m flat out lazy during the summer! For one thing it is usually too hot to do much of anything DIY around here, and I would rather spend the time with my kiddos anyway!

However, that doesn’t mean that my brain has been lazy! I have lots of projects on my to-do list and I am ready to dive in! Actually…I’ve already dove in! So, as you wait eagerly to see what I have up my sleeve so to speak, I thought I would give you a sneak peek of a few projects to come!

Coming soon to the blog

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I Found My People

Everyone has their people, their tribe. People who are like-minded, people that get you. I have a lot of friends that get me on many levels, but very few get this blogging thing. But, this weekend, I found my blogging people. I was blessed to attend the Haven Conference in Atlanta with several hundred other creative bloggers. Not just bloggers, but home and DIY bloggers.


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