Master Bedroom Ideas

Hey friends! Do you ever finish a room and then a couple of years later, realize it’s not actually done? Ya, I do that all the time. Rooms as well as homes evolve over time folks, so it’s ok. As I was looking back over our past one room challenge projects, I started thinking about our Master Bedroom. Which, was actually my first one room challenge. I loved this room when we ‘finished’ it. But, even then there were a few details that got left out. Either because of time, or because of budget. And, over time I have tired of some of the design.
master bedroom update
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High Five on Friday #6

Hey friends!! Thank Goodness It’s Friday!! Am I right?? As you are reading this we are once again sitting at a track meet watching our boy run! Woohoo!! At least it’s not quite as cold today. #lovemykids
I’ve got some great stuff for you again this week! It’s time to pass out some high fives for…

High Five on Friday!

high five on friday at frazzled joy
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High Five on Friday

Hey there friends!! I hate to say this will be a regular series, because to be honest, I’m terrible at those!! 😳 But…I’m going to try!! I am always finding things that I love on the interwebs! I try to share them with my hubby, but honestly he doesn’t care most of the time. 😆 He tries his best to act interested, bless him. 😉 So, I thought maybe you would like me to share them with you!! So here we go with “High Five on Friday”!

High five on Friday

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The Hallway – Progress and Design Thoughts

A couple of weeks ago I started a project. I have been pretty short on projects this year. Slow on the draw. I don’t know why, just haven’t had the motivation. But, the weather was warming up so I decided to pull out the paint cans. Here is the hallway when I started.

Not bad, but not really the style that I have been making our home over the past year. I have been working towards light and bright. So, out came the can of white paint. And here we are now.

Still a little bit of work to do (the cabinet doors), but we are headed in the right direction.
And, here is the plan.
collage-2016-03-01 (1)
1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6
#1 is my dream hallway – Lots of light, wide, tall ceilings, great floors, and awesome light fixtures. But…you saw my before, and the budget does not allow for gutting and remodeling the hallway.
So, we will work with what we have with white paint, new light fixtures, a wall treatment (obviously some sort of gallery wall), and the bookcase will return to the corner of the hall and will need some cute styling.
I’m giving myself time on this update. There are a lot of things going on with the kids and family, and a lot of things going on behind the scenes of the blog so I don’t want to spread myself out too thin. That’s the way decorating happens in real life. Am I right? 
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Reclaimed Wood Planked Reset Ceiling {Be Like Joanna}

Hey there! Are there any Fixer Upper fans out there?? You know you love it!! So, I’m a couple of weeks behind but as I was watching the bachelor pad show a few nights back, I had to stop and rewind and watch again. Did you see that kitchen?? How about the reclaimed wood everywhere?? But, more specifically the reset ceiling that was planked with it??
I paused again and called my hubby in and said “look”!!

You see a while back (2 years ago) when I was updating our kitchen bit by bit, we finally got around to addressing this ugly light box thing.

Although I would have loved to remove the soffits and take all the ceiling back to regular height, we knew from previous experience in this house that probably meant moving electrical lines at the least. Which meant $$$ we didn’t have. 

So, I thought long and hard on a simple solution that we could DIY. I decided on planking it in some way.
Maybe creating a coffered look.


And then one day as I walked into the kitchen and saw our newly updated breakfast bar I had a flash!

Yes! Carry the reclaimed wood to the ceiling and tie it all together!! Honestly it is one of my favorite parts of the kitchen!

So, there you have it folks! The time I did something before Joanna!! Ha! [although I’m sure someone did it before me ;)] Have a wonderful day!!

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