Easy and Inexpensive Napkin Ring Options

Hi there!! I’m currently working on a summer tablescape and as I was putting things together I was trying to choose a napkin ‘ring’ option. I realized that I own ZERO real napkin rings. Everything that I have or that I have used are inexpensive alternatives because I honestly can’t afford new real napkin rings every time I want to set the table, and honestly I like my alternatives better. 😉  So, I thought you might be interested in seeing some of the things I have used over the years! Many may not be new to you, but maybe just one will spark your creativity!
Easy and inexpensive napkin ring alternatives
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DIY LOVE String Art

If you saw my Valentine’s Day mantel last week, you may have noticed a cute LOVE string art taking center stage. Yes, folks that was of course a DIY. I remember doing string art as a kid, and I have always loved the look. It has made quite the comeback as of late and it is everywhere! I even saw some cute pieces on the shelves in Dillard’s! So, I decided to give it a go on my own, and this is what I came up with! 😉 Don’t ya just “LOVE” it?? Ha!
DIY LOVE string art project
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DIY Glittered Candle Holders

Hey friends! I spent Saturday crafting my little heart out getting ready for Valentine’s Day. It was a cloudy day to start with so it was the perfect day for it! (honestly though, what day isn’t perfect for crafting??) It was so good to get my hands messy and create something! I’ll be sharing a few projects over the next few weeks leading up to Valentine’s – this week I’m sharing how to make some plain candle holders fancy and sparkly for any season really – but they’re red so they are perfect for Valentine’s!
Do It Yourself Glittered Candle Holders
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